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Altoona, Blair Co, PA


Tree: Adam Barner

City/Town : Latitude: 40.5186809, Longitude: -78.3947359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLISON, M.C.   I3170 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Barbara Virginia  23 Oct 1947Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3186 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, B.A.   I3194 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, C.D.   I10323 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, Chester Earl (twin)  22 Oct 1898Altoona, Blair Co, PA I11080 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Clarence  16 Nov 1889Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10748 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, D.S.   I12956 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, D.M.T.   I10333 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER, Earl Wilson  27 Jan 1922Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10328 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER, E.M.   I10347 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER, G.L.   I10397 Adam Barner 
12 BARNER, J.K.   I10321 Adam Barner 
13 BARNER, Lester Merle (twin)  22 Oct 1898Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10987 Adam Barner 
14 BARNER, M.L.   I3191 Adam Barner 
15 BARNER, Richard Allen  19 Sep 1946Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10368 Adam Barner 
16 BARNER, R.A.   I10349 Adam Barner 
17 BARNER, R.S.   I10325 Adam Barner 
18 BARNER, T.D.   I10340 Adam Barner 
19 BARNER, W.D.   I10353 Adam Barner 
20 BARNER, Wilmer "Bill" Dervin  17 Jun 1928Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10327 Adam Barner 
21 BARNER, Z.M.   I10334 Adam Barner 
22 BRUNGARD, Arthur  30 Dec 1918Altoona, Blair Co, PA I6520 Adam Barner 
23 BURK, D.R.   I3168 Adam Barner 
24 BURK, D.J.   I3167 Adam Barner 
25 BURK, T.A.   I3169 Adam Barner 
26 BURK, W.P.   I3171 Adam Barner 
27 BURK, W.M.   I3175 Adam Barner 
28 BURNS, Carrie Catherine  10 Apr 1920Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7173 Adam Barner 
29 BURNS, Paul Eugene  30 Jun 1918Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7175 Adam Barner 
30 BURNS, Wilbur Grant  14 Mar 1923Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7171 Adam Barner 
31 CHERRY, Harold Hall Sr.  21 May 1895Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7057 Adam Barner 
32 CHRISTINE, Brent Michael  17 Jan 1995Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10356 Adam Barner 
33 CHRISTINE, Caige Michael  17 Oct 1990Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10358 Adam Barner 
34 CRISMAN, Henry Grover  16 Oct 1884Altoona, Blair Co, PA I13993 Adam Barner 
35 FARRELL, Louise Anna  31 Mar 1920Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3466 Adam Barner 
36 GALBRAITH, C.C.   I10322 Adam Barner 
37 GARDNER, K.   I10331 Adam Barner 
38 GARDNER, P.   I10332 Adam Barner 
39 GENSAMER, S.D.   I10350 Adam Barner 
40 GIPE, K.N.   I13027 Adam Barner 
41 HARBACH, J.   I14749 Adam Barner 
42 KYPER, R.E.   I10364 Adam Barner 
43 LANE, Mary Jane  2 Aug 1929Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10326 Adam Barner 
44 MCCALEB, Robert Fortney  8 Dec 1920Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3467 Adam Barner 
45 MOWERY, Elizabeth "Betty" M.  Abt 1926Altoona, Blair Co, PA I6101 Adam Barner 
46 OVER, S.   I10343 Adam Barner 
47 RITCHEY, N.M.   I10324 Adam Barner 
48 ROBB, Eleanor A.  Abt 1904Altoona, Blair Co, PA I17468 Adam Barner 
49 ROBB, Ralph S.  15 Sep 1901Altoona, Blair Co, PA I17470 Adam Barner 
50 SEIBER, Mildred Pearl  17 Jun 1905Altoona, Blair Co, PA I8797 Adam Barner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNER, Dervin Cleveland  6 Feb 1979Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10401 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Francis Glenmar Sr.  6 Sep 1956Altoona, Blair Co, PA I18870 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, Harry William  2 Dec 1960Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3442 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, Jennie Lee  24 Jan 2004Altoona, Blair Co, PA I18849 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, Lenamay Lucinda  25 Oct 1963Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3203 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Margaret Luella  9 Mar 1992Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3177 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, William Edward  4 Sep 1942Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3199 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, Wilmer "Bill" Dervin  12 May 2017Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10327 Adam Barner 
9 BEACH, Billie Jo  16 Jun 1999Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10320 Adam Barner 
10 BRUNGARD, Arthur  Altoona, Blair Co, PA I6520 Adam Barner 
11 BURKE, Clarence Paul  22 Sep 1996Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3176 Adam Barner 
12 BURNS, Carrie Catherine  9 Feb 1959Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7173 Adam Barner 
13 BURNS, Paul Eugene  8 May 1954Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7175 Adam Barner 
14 BURNS, Wilbur Grant  13 Jan 2013Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7171 Adam Barner 
15 CHERRY, Harold Hall Sr.  29 Jun 1916Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7057 Adam Barner 
16 CHRISTINE, Caige Michael  17 Oct 1990Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10358 Adam Barner 
17 CRISTE, Susan  15 Apr 1962Altoona, Blair Co, PA I14946 Adam Barner 
18 EMPFIELD, Charles Edward  3 Mar 1962Altoona, Blair Co, PA I11724 Adam Barner 
19 FRYMOYER, Doris V.  1 Sep 2001Altoona, Blair Co, PA I9929 Adam Barner 
20 HAAGEN, Henry Ward  29 Oct 1964Altoona, Blair Co, PA I6817 Adam Barner 
21 HASLETT, Leotta O.  19 May 1977Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7177 Adam Barner 
22 KARSTETTER, Preston I.  2 May 1988Altoona, Blair Co, PA I8026 Adam Barner 
23 KARSTETTER, Simon Freemont  18 Aug 1933Altoona, Blair Co, PA I8028 Adam Barner 
24 KAYLOR, Lucinda  3 Sep 1956Altoona, Blair Co, PA I8027 Adam Barner 
25 KRUIS, Vaughn Kay "Sap"  10 Sep 2000Altoona, Blair Co, PA I18843 Adam Barner 
26 LANE, Mary Jane  8 Oct 2002Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10326 Adam Barner 
27 MCCALEB, Robert Fortney  15 Mar 1960Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3467 Adam Barner 
28 MILLS, Audrey J.  5 Jun 2008Altoona, Blair Co, PA I12841 Adam Barner 
29 REED, Anna Elizabeth  19 Mar 1959Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3204 Adam Barner 
30 ROBB, Luther Reynolds  22 Jul 1931Altoona, Blair Co, PA I17471 Adam Barner 
31 ROBERTS, Christine Anne  10 Nov 2016Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10367 Adam Barner 
32 SEAMAN, Catharine "Katie"  26 Aug 1973Altoona, Blair Co, PA I10400 Adam Barner 
33 SHIPLEY, Verna Claire  17 Feb 1983Altoona, Blair Co, PA I3118 Adam Barner 
34 SPICER, Charles Edward  5 Apr 2016Altoona, Blair Co, PA I7165 Adam Barner 
35 SWINEHART, Frank Alva Jr.  12 Feb 2011Altoona, Blair Co, PA I5682 Adam Barner 
36 ZIMMERMAN, Donald Francis  5 Aug 1996Altoona, Blair Co, PA I18990 Adam Barner 
37 ZIMMERMAN, Lester Grant  17 Dec 1962Altoona, Blair Co, PA I14947 Adam Barner 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARNER / CROCKFORD   F4244 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER / GENSAMER   F4228 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER / SOMMO   F4224 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER / WIGFIELD  15 Dec 1940Altoona, Blair Co, PA F4245 Adam Barner 
5 BURNS /   23 May 1918Altoona, Blair Co, PA F2928 Adam Barner 
6 BURNS / HASLETT  23 May 1918Altoona, Blair Co, PA F2927 Adam Barner 
7 CHERRY / NACHTMAN   F5993 Adam Barner 

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