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Tree: Adam Barner


State/Province : Latitude: 40.8583, Longitude: -76.3834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNER, Catharine Maria "Katie"  4 May 1874Pennsylvania I13418 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Cowden M.  Abt 1867Pennsylvania I19211 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, George M.  22 Jul 1861Pennsylvania I18334 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, Laura Delano  1909Pennsylvania I18074 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, Lenamay Lucinda  6 Jun 1911Pennsylvania I3203 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Mae M.  22 Oct 1880Pennsylvania I4925 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, Martha Kate  26 Jan 1866Pennsylvania I18343 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, William  7 Sep 1828Pennsylvania I19090 Adam Barner 
9 BARTO, Hester "Hettie" H.  1831Pennsylvania I18337 Adam Barner 
10 BASTIAN, Robert 'Jack'  12/05/1932Pennsylvania I7429 Adam Barner 
11 BIERLY, Bertha M.  5 Apr 1896Pennsylvania I3729 Adam Barner 
12 BIERLY, Beulah Anna  17 Jan 1892Pennsylvania I3770 Adam Barner 
13 BIERLY, Lavaud  30 Aug 1911Pennsylvania I3790 Adam Barner 
14 BIERLY, Mary May  2 May 1884Pennsylvania I6955 Adam Barner 
15 BIERLY, Verna Abigail  30 May 1894Pennsylvania I3734 Adam Barner 
16 BOGER, Mary E.  Abt 1880Pennsylvania I1670 Adam Barner 
17 BRESSLER, Clark M.  28 Oct 1909Pennsylvania I2048 Adam Barner 
18 BRESSLER, Emanuel M.  3 Apr 1834Pennsylvania I3796 Adam Barner 
19 BRESSLER, Leroy Francis  26 May 1882Pennsylvania I2072 Adam Barner 
20 COOK, Mary B.  9 Oct 1844Pennsylvania I2828 Adam Barner 
21 COWLING, Jessie May  3 May 1879Pennsylvania I159743 Adam Barner 
22 CROSSLEY, Josiah Henry  26 Jun 1859Pennsylvania I25 Adam Barner 
23 DALE, Lenora  1878Pennsylvania I1814 Adam Barner 
24 DIEHL, Alice V.  25 May 1924Pennsylvania I6580 Adam Barner 
25 DIEHL, Diana  12 Jul 1810Pennsylvania I1361 Adam Barner 
26 DREESE, Robert H.  27 Aug 1913Pennsylvania I6138 Adam Barner 
27 ECK, Robert Henry  12 Oct 1861Pennsylvania I15168 Adam Barner 
28 ENGLE, Katherine E  13 Sep 1845Pennsylvania I14067 Adam Barner 
29 FERRARA, Joseph Michael Jr.  15 Mar 1931Pennsylvania I16266 Adam Barner 
30 FICKES, Annie R.  5 Feb 1867Pennsylvania I1122 Adam Barner 
31 FRANK, Pearl Omeda  1885Pennsylvania I9185 Adam Barner 
32 FRYMOYER, Willa Mae W.  3 Aug 1892Pennsylvania I9928 Adam Barner 
33 GAMBY, Howard Leroy  7 Apr 1901Pennsylvania I11659 Adam Barner 
34 GARNER, Eli F.  8 Nov 1838Pennsylvania I7672 Adam Barner 
35 GAUGLER, Edwin Charles  13 Jan 1927Pennsylvania I3766 Adam Barner 
36 GIBBONS, Hugh Clair  19 Nov 1879Pennsylvania I1735 Adam Barner 
37 GOODLING, Ida M.  28 Sep 1916Pennsylvania I9915 Adam Barner 
38 GRENINGER, Anna A.  Abt 1871Pennsylvania I8815 Adam Barner 
39 GRENINGER, Orpha M.  9 Oct 1861Pennsylvania I3700 Adam Barner 
40 GRUVER, Dorsey B. Jr.  26 Oct 1937Pennsylvania I2234 Adam Barner 
41 HAAGEN, Ella M. "Mary Ellen"  17 May 1869Pennsylvania I6250 Adam Barner 
42 HAMILTON, Clifford B.  30 Jul 1903Pennsylvania I760 Adam Barner 
43 HARER, Morris  1894Pennsylvania I18259 Adam Barner 
44 HEIGHES, Fianna  9 May 1843Pennsylvania I19264 Adam Barner 
45 HELSEL, Melva I.  Abt 1907Pennsylvania I2774 Adam Barner 
46 HEVNER, Charles Franklin  25 Aug 1866Pennsylvania I159711 Adam Barner 
47 JORDAN, Etta May  10 Oct 1905Pennsylvania I2752 Adam Barner 
48 KARSTETTER, Robert Scott  7 Jun 1850Pennsylvania I8807 Adam Barner 
49 KEPNER, Amanda M.  1 Oct 1864Pennsylvania I1115 Adam Barner 
50 KEPNER, William Harrison  22 Sep 1861Pennsylvania I1123 Adam Barner 

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNER, Alice Sarah  22 Nov 1966Pennsylvania I156 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, David A.  5 Apr 1892Pennsylvania I114 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, George A.  12 May 1863Pennsylvania I301 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, Linda Lee  30 Sep 1979Pennsylvania I18559 Adam Barner 
5 DIEHL, Alice V.  2 Jun 1996Pennsylvania I6580 Adam Barner 
6 DREESE, Robert H.  10 May 2000Pennsylvania I6138 Adam Barner 
7 KNARR, John S.  1971Pennsylvania I159742 Adam Barner 
8 WILT, Henry C.  Abt 2 Oct 1880Pennsylvania I1293 Adam Barner 

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