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Ella Nora Harvey Wilshire 1920-2003

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Clarion Cemetery - Clarion, Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, USA

Notes: The Clarion Cemetery was established with something more in mind than the simple provision of a burial space for the dead. Rather, it was founded to provide a place of natural beauty, isolated somewhat from the noise and commotion of everyday life, located in a spot at once secluded and yet of easy access, where beauty and solitude would create an atmosphere of close communion with our beloved dead and still not become a place of gloom and dread.

The results today, a new building, improved driveways, beautiful trees well spaced over the grounds, attractive entrance gates, well-kept lawns broken here and there with colorful flower beds and shrubbery, fully justify the faith and ideals of the more than 350 creators back in 1898.

On September 1898, over 350 citizens of Clarion Borough associated themselves together and petitioned the Honorable E. Heath Clark, President Judge of the Courts of Clarion County, Pennsylvania, to permit them to incorporate the Clarion Cemetery Association. Mr. W. B. Rankin, President of the Board of Trustees, was one of the petitioners. The decree was granted by the court and the Clarion Cemetery Association was incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania, October 8, 1898.

On May 29, 1909 the Association added ten (10) acres of land to the Cemetery. Three years later on May 7, 1912, the Trustees purchased 37,235 square feet from J. Clyde Reed. This land lay at the southwest corner of the cemetery property and was necessary to straighten the lines.

The Town Council of Clarion transferred to the Clarion Cemetery Association the management of the old cemetery by Ordinance on July 19, 1917. This added about two and one-fourth (2-1/4) acres to the Corporation’s land.

The old cemetery land, deeded by the County Commissioners to the Clarion Borough on March 23, 1871, and designated as Lot 3 on the town plan, specified “for the purpose of the Interment of the dead of said Borough.” The old cemetery was often known as “The Cottage Hill Cemetery”, “The Cemetery on Cottage Hill” , “The Cemetery on the Hill”, or simply “The Clarion Cemetery.”

Again on February 16, 1926 the Association purchased from J. Clyde Reed fifteen (15) acres. This lay to the west of the cemetery land. Today, the cemetery grounds total about thirty (30) acres.

On October 28, 1940, Judson C. Burns, of Philadelphia, a native son of Clarion, formally presented the Entrance Gates to the Clarion Cemetery Association. Mr. Burns made this beautiful gift to the Clarion Cemetery Association on behalf of his family and many friends of Clarion.

Source: Association By-Laws; Deed Book 15, Pg. 386; Lease Agreement Book 33, Pg. 162

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