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Welcome to the Adam Barner history and genealogy website.

These pages present detailed genealogical data for many descendants of Adam Barner, emigrant from Switzerland to America in 1749 and settled in Pennsylvania. In addition to direct ancestors, the database includes spouses, siblings, their ancestors, and related families.

The information and data contained on this site is a testament to the many years of research, travel, and detective work of many individuals. The efforts to document the descendants of Adam Barner is a collaborative effort. If you have information to add, or find some information in error, please let us know.

We will be adding more content over time but please feel free to browse the genealogy information included here. I would encourage viewers to register for a user account.

Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information provided on this website, you should not assume that it is 100% correct. Use what you find as a starting point for your own research, and verify all your sources. If you find any errors, please contact me and provide me with the source of the correct information. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this site.

Latest News

99th Annual Barner Family Reunion - 20 June 2020

- Mark your calendars today! The next Barner Family Reunion will be upon us before you know it. We encourage you to bring stories, photos, and any other interesting artifacts you wish to share with those in attendance. Hope to see you all there!

The Next Generation (TNG) Genealogy Application

TNG FAQS - Learn more about TNG at this link. Instructions on how to create a User Account are included. (This link will open in a new window)

Barner Family Reunion - 15 June 2019

- Here is a copy of the 2019 Newsletter - Directions to the reunion location and itinerary are included. Hope to see you there!

11 May 2019 - We've experienced some minor technical problems and had to reload the gedcom file. Also in the process of adding media files (photos, etc.) Everything seems to be functioning properly again.

4 May 2019 - Making some minor cosmetic tweaks to the main genealogy page today. We will be making some additional changes in the near future in order to integrate a blog with the genealogy pages.