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Centre Co, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADLEMAN, Franklin H.  22 Aug 1843Centre Co, PA I18023
2 BANEY, Lucille "Lucy" Rosella  7 Jan 1914Centre Co, PA I5126
3 BARNER, Alice Louise  27 Apr 1915Centre Co, PA I6063
4 BARNER, Dorothy K. "Dot"  19 Dec 1922Centre Co, PA I6052
5 BARNER, Grace Margaret  Abt 1921Centre Co, PA I6060
6 BARNER, Harvey Jonathan  31 Aug 1885Centre Co, PA I13623
7 BARNER, Ruth Esther  Abt 1912Centre Co, PA I6065
8 BENTZ, Abner Detwiler  11 Oct 1879Centre Co, PA I7010
9 BUTLER, Burdine B.  4 Mar 1854Centre Co, PA I3600
10 DECKER, Homer Albert  16 Mar 1940Centre Co, PA I5339
11 GARRETT, Linnie Ethel  4 Apr 1898Centre Co, PA I8993
12 HEVERLY, Earl O.  2 Nov 1913Centre Co, PA I7035
13 KREAMER, Henry W.  28 Sep 1837Centre Co, PA I1277
14 MARKLE, Emolyan Vivian  11 Aug 1877Centre Co, PA I3592
15 MILLER, Clarence Long  1 Apr 1903Centre Co, PA I8556
16 MILLER, Jesse George  23 Jan 1906Centre Co, PA I8555
17 PASSMORE, Catherine Louise  2/13/1929Centre Co, PA I6647
18 PETERS, John Philip  6 Jun 1898Centre Co, PA I7584
19 PETERS, Vema  20 Sep 1904Centre Co, PA I7583
20 RHOADS, Elizabeth Rachel  21 Dec 1832Centre Co, PA I1493
21 RHOADS, George Adam  17 Feb 1835Centre Co, PA I1492
22 RHOADS, Samuel Wilt  7 Dec 1830Centre Co, PA I1509
23 ROCKEY, Orvis Robert Jr.  22 May 1926Centre Co, PA I16822
24 ROSSMAN, Margaret Ella  14 Feb 1906Centre Co, PA I13625
25 ROYER, Cyrus Theodore  11 Jul 1866Centre Co, PA I9195
26 SHAMP, Ward F.  4 Mar 1883Centre Co, PA I6767
27 SMITH, D.A.   I15742
28 STOVER, Pauline Arabella  28 Apr 1908Centre Co, PA I3104
29 WALKER, Mary Jane  25 Oct 1859Centre Co, PA I6527
30 WHITING, William Augusta  30 Nov 1868Centre Co, PA I3682
31 WILSON, May E.  4 Mar 1895Centre Co, PA I2841
32 WILT, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1809Centre Co, PA I1512
33 WILT, Joannah  Abt 1826Centre Co, PA I1741
34 WILT, John Elmer  26 Apr 1862Centre Co, PA I1357
35 WILT, Susanna  1831Centre Co, PA I1686
36 ZIMMERMAN, Keturah  31 Jan 1846Centre Co, PA I18024


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KREAMER, Henry W.  1923Centre Co, PA I1277
2 WILT, Mary Helen  15 Aug 1879Centre Co, PA I1281


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / HAIN  5 Apr 1865Centre Co, PA F1525
2 HEVERLY / HAINES  12 Oct 1879Centre Co, PA F2878
3 KREAMER / HANNA  Aft 1886Centre Co, PA F505
4 RHOADS / WILT  5 Jul 1828Centre Co, PA F592