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Liverpool, Perry Co, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARNOLD, Cleodith Winirfred  25 Feb 1931Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I521 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Adam  3 Aug 1814Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I770 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, Alice Sarah  29 May 1872Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I156 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, Anna Mae  15 Mar 1879Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1179 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, A.M.   I256 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Annie  4 Oct 1889Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I721 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, Annie M.  12 Jul 1882Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1220 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, Annie Mary  14 May 1881Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I106 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER, Arnie May  12 Feb 1889Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10481 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER, Bertha Irene  30 Sep 1892Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I731 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER, Betty Geraldine  21 Mar 1925Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I197 Adam Barner 
12 BARNER, Bruce Donald  2 May 1921Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I218 Adam Barner 
13 BARNER, Catharine C.  26 Mar 1871Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1210 Adam Barner 
14 BARNER, Charles Irwin  17 Jun 1885Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I298 Adam Barner 
15 BARNER, Charles Markwood  24 Nov 1923Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I494 Adam Barner 
16 BARNER, Charles Orman "Tommy"  11 Mar 1921Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I261 Adam Barner 
17 BARNER, Clyde Curtis  20 Oct 1887Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I13146 Adam Barner 
18 BARNER, David A.  6 Apr 1875Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I114 Adam Barner 
19 BARNER, Dorothy Gertrude  12 Mar 1920Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I222 Adam Barner 
20 BARNER, Edwin D.  2 Aug 1868Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1212 Adam Barner 
21 BARNER, Effie Estella  2 Jun 1886Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I733 Adam Barner 
22 BARNER, Emma Elizabeth  27 Feb 1878Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I113 Adam Barner 
23 BARNER, Emma Mae  27 Feb 1878Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I727 Adam Barner 
24 BARNER, Emmett Earl  9 Jul 1889Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1218 Adam Barner 
25 BARNER, Enoch  3 Oct 1841Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1216 Adam Barner 
26 BARNER, Enoch Newton  20 Mar 1866Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1213 Adam Barner 
27 BARNER, Evelyn Lucille  8 Oct 1920Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I513 Adam Barner 
28 BARNER, Frank Albert  4 Oct 1879Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1259 Adam Barner 
29 BARNER, Gene Richard  15 Mar 1925Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I734 Adam Barner 
30 BARNER, George A.  5 Jan 1863Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I301 Adam Barner 
31 BARNER, George Edward  28 Mar 1853Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I13420 Adam Barner 
32 BARNER, Harry Zaring  31 Oct 1897Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I11927 Adam Barner 
33 BARNER, Henry Lahr  11 Feb 1827Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I13422 Adam Barner 
34 BARNER, Isaac Newton Jr.  24 Oct 1903Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I11862 Adam Barner 
35 BARNER, Jacob  27 Apr 1812Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I980 Adam Barner 
36 BARNER, Jacob Irwin  2 Mar 1864Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I300 Adam Barner 
37 BARNER, Jacob Kenneth  15 Jul 1922Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I216 Adam Barner 
38 BARNER, Jacob Long  28 May 1898Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I524 Adam Barner 
39 BARNER, Jacob Tilden  8 Mar 1878Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1263 Adam Barner 
40 BARNER, Jacob Tilden Jr.  1901Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1261 Adam Barner 
41 BARNER, Jennie Elizabeth  11 Feb 1879Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I932 Adam Barner 
42 BARNER, Jerre Samuel  13 Jul 1886Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I297 Adam Barner 
43 BARNER, John C. D.  10 Jul 1859Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I345 Adam Barner 
44 BARNER, John T.  18 Sep 1816Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I381 Adam Barner 
45 BARNER, Joseph Buchanan  11 Nov 1863Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10594 Adam Barner 
46 BARNER, Joyce Lorae  26 Nov 1934Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I184 Adam Barner 
47 BARNER, K.".J.   I259 Adam Barner 
48 BARNER, Katie Alice  17 Mar 1896Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I674 Adam Barner 
49 BARNER, Lydia Ann  20 Sep 1827Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I95 Adam Barner 
50 BARNER, Margaret J.  19 May 1922Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I779 Adam Barner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARNOLD, Cleodith Winirfred  14 Nov 1978Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I521 Adam Barner 
2 AUKER, Edward Clyde  31 Aug 2011Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12867 Adam Barner 
3 BAILEY, Virginia E.  23 Nov 1986Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10840 Adam Barner 
4 BAKER, Charles Franklin  6 Jan 2001Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12209 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, Adam  19 Dec 1890Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I770 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Amy  8 Sep 1913Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10747 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, Annie Gertrude  18 Dec 1960Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I11696 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, Beatrice Evelene  12 Mar 1917Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I273 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER, Bertha Naomi (twin)  25 Jun 1983Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10263 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER, Brenda Jaye  7 Oct 2014Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I270 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER, Catharine A.  6 Nov 1898Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I729 Adam Barner 
12 BARNER, Charles Irwin  8 Jun 1947Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I298 Adam Barner 
13 BARNER, Charles Orman "Tommy"  24 Aug 1984Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I261 Adam Barner 
14 BARNER, Emma Mae  27 Jan 1959Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I727 Adam Barner 
15 BARNER, Enoch  6 Feb 1913Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1216 Adam Barner 
16 BARNER, Enoch Newton  8 Aug 1868Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1213 Adam Barner 
17 BARNER, Gene Richard  9 Apr 1925Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I734 Adam Barner 
18 BARNER, George  9 May 1863Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1273 Adam Barner 
19 BARNER, George W.  18 Jan 1873Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10846 Adam Barner 
20 BARNER, George W.  19 Sep 1909Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1265 Adam Barner 
21 BARNER, Hanna Fiana  8 May 1824Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I96 Adam Barner 
22 BARNER, Henry Lahr  10 Apr 1901Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I13422 Adam Barner 
23 BARNER, Irvin Wendt  12 Jun 1937Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12375 Adam Barner 
24 BARNER, Irwin Roy  28 Jun 1958Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I781 Adam Barner 
25 BARNER, Isaac Newton Sr.  28 Apr 1939Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I11982 Adam Barner 
26 BARNER, Jacob  19 Apr 1880Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I980 Adam Barner 
27 BARNER, Jacob Jr.  29 Jan 1927Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I934 Adam Barner 
28 BARNER, Jacob Irwin  3 Sep 1934Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I300 Adam Barner 
29 BARNER, Jacob Lee  7 Nov 1970Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I791 Adam Barner 
30 BARNER, Jacob Tilden  18 Mar 1950Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1263 Adam Barner 
31 BARNER, John C. D.  25 Feb 1899Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I345 Adam Barner 
32 BARNER, John Henry  28 Mar 1929Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I726 Adam Barner 
33 BARNER, Mae Maria  25 Nov 1962Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12891 Adam Barner 
34 BARNER, Margaret "Maggie"  28 Jul 1953Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I18582 Adam Barner 
35 BARNER, Margaret Alice "Maggie"  28 Jul 1953Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12181 Adam Barner 
36 BARNER, Margaret J.  20 Oct 2009Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I779 Adam Barner 
37 BARNER, Maria Agnes  19 Feb 1927Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I12312 Adam Barner 
38 BARNER, Mary Ann  23 Jul 1889Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I1269 Adam Barner 
39 BARNER, Mary Jane Ardella  6 Jul 1982Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I719 Adam Barner 
40 BARNER, Minnie Ellen  22 Mar 1962Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I427 Adam Barner 
41 BARNER, Nancy Lucille  9 Jan 1936Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I158 Adam Barner 
42 BARNER, Robert S.  6 May 1900Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I10780 Adam Barner 
43 BARNER, Roy E.  13 Feb 1903Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I9455 Adam Barner 
44 BARNER, Samuel Addison  1 Aug 1854Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I13283 Adam Barner 
45 BARNER, Samuel E.  12 Dec 1936Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I724 Adam Barner 
46 BARNER, Samuel H.  8 Jul 1870Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I11780 Adam Barner 
47 BARNER, Sarah Elizabeth  5 Oct 1962Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I9555 Adam Barner 
48 BARNER, Susan Elizabeth  25 Sep 1887Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I722 Adam Barner 
49 BARNER, Susannah  13 Apr 1843Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I977 Adam Barner 
50 BARNER, Verna Mae  27 Sep 1979Liverpool, Perry Co, PA I422 Adam Barner 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / DERR  26 Apr 1894Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F296 Adam Barner 
2 ADAMS / LYTER   F4955 Adam Barner 
3 ALDERFER / BARNER   F3855 Adam Barner 
4 ARNOLD / BARNER   F215 Adam Barner 
5 ARNOLD / REED   F214 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER / BUCHER  24 Jun 1944Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F83 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER / HEINTZELMAN   F5162 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER / LONG  29 Aug 1886Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F294 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER / MURRAY  12 Apr 1913Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F116 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER / SNYDER  25 Dec 1899Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F498 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER / SPICHER  8 Jan 1901Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F355 Adam Barner 
12 BOOHER / BARNER  5 Dec 1981Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F97 Adam Barner 
13 BRUBAKER / KEW   F8119 Adam Barner 
14 BURKHART / GELNETT   F336 Adam Barner 
15 BYERS / BARNER   F4344 Adam Barner 
16 FLEISHER / BARNER  28 Jan 1913Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F298 Adam Barner 
17 GELNETT / BARNER  10 Jul 1909Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F339 Adam Barner 
18 GELNETT / GARLIN   F337 Adam Barner 
19 GRUBB / MORETZ  16 Nov 1910Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F410 Adam Barner 
20 KAUFFMAN / HOCKENBROCH   F4192 Adam Barner 
21 KLINGER / BARNER  3 Aug 1918Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F3908 Adam Barner 
22 LINDE / BAIR   F85 Adam Barner 
23 LONTZ / BARNER  Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F5464 Adam Barner 
24 LYTER / BARNER  25 May 1912Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F4962 Adam Barner 
25 MARK / ARNOLD   F213 Adam Barner 
26 RHOADS / BARNER  15 Apr 1908Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F479 Adam Barner 
27 ROUSH / BARNER   F6225 Adam Barner 
28 SECRIST / BARNER  20 Feb 1900Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F381 Adam Barner 
29 SHEIBLEY / BARNER   F103 Adam Barner 
30 SNYDER / FRYMOYER   F4071 Adam Barner 
31 SPICHER / BARNER  8 Jan 1891Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F4789 Adam Barner 
32 SPRENKEL / BARNER  22 Nov 1969Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F100 Adam Barner 
33 STAHL / BARNER  22 Sep 1956Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F72 Adam Barner 
34 THARP / SNYDER  17 Feb 1962Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F4070 Adam Barner 
35 TROUP / ZARING   F4916 Adam Barner 
36 WALLIS / LONG  28 Jun 1947Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F4914 Adam Barner 
37 WALTERS / FRANTZ  18 Jul 1958Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F7895 Adam Barner 
38 WILT / BARNER  Abt 1797Liverpool, Perry Co, PA F750 Adam Barner