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Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA


Tree: Adam Barner

Latitude: 41.137, Longitude: -77.4469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 RHINEHART (nee AIKEY), Annie Laurie  13 May 1936Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I20058 Adam Barner 
2 ANDREWS, Allen Thomas  2 Jan 1921Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5293 Adam Barner 
3 WELCH (nee ANDREWS), G.R.   I5308 Adam Barner 
4 TEDESCO (nee ANDREWS), S.L.   I5317 Adam Barner 
5 ANDREWS, Thomas Michael  22 Jul 1944Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5309 Adam Barner 
6 Andrus, S.E.   I20087 Adam Barner 
7 BAIR, R.E.   I15449 Adam Barner 
8 SCOTT (nee BARNER), A.M.   I2416 Adam Barner 
9 MUNRO (nee BARNER), B.L.   I14312 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER, B.R.   I2376 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER, B.R.   I15463 Adam Barner 
12 BARNER, Beecher Belmont  24 Aug 1872Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4644 Adam Barner 
13 WITT (nee BARNER), B.J.   I15230 Adam Barner 
14 HECKMAN (nee BARNER), Carol Ray  19 Jan 1950Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5263 Adam Barner 
15 STROUSE (nee BARNER), C.A.   I8179 Adam Barner 
16 BARNER, Clair Alfred Jr.  9 Mar 1938Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2369 Adam Barner 
17 O'DONNELL (nee BARNER), D.K.   I8185 Adam Barner 
18 BARNER, David Glenn  25 Aug 1948Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2348 Adam Barner 
19 LAMEY (nee BARNER), D.R.   I5593 Adam Barner 
20 BAKER (nee BARNER), D.J.   I5206 Adam Barner 
21 BARNER, D.H.   I8286 Adam Barner 
22 BARNER, Dwight Maurice  15 Mar 1948Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I8186 Adam Barner 
23 WINNER (nee BARNER), E.E.   I5129 Adam Barner 
24 BARNER (nee BARNER), Erma Ruth  18 Jan 1896Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2619 Adam Barner 
25 LITZ (nee BARNER), Florence Anna  6 Nov 1929Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5255 Adam Barner 
26 BARNER, G.E.   I2387 Adam Barner 
27 BARNER, George Henry  3 Mar 1844Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2226 Adam Barner 
28 FLANIGAN (nee BARNER), Gladys Hope  7 Sep 1941Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I8289 Adam Barner 
29 BARNER, G.R.   I14300 Adam Barner 
30 BARNER, Lt. Col. Harry William "Bill"  1 Nov 1927Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15214 Adam Barner 
31 CISLER (nee BARNER), Hazel Annabel  2 Feb 1896Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I6004 Adam Barner 
32 BARNER, Ira Clement  4 Jan 1876Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4631 Adam Barner 
33 EDWARDS (nee BARNER), J.I.   I15248 Adam Barner 
34 SMITH (nee BARNER), J.M.   I2426 Adam Barner 
35 BARNER, J.E.   I2437 Adam Barner 
36 BARNER, Joseph  10 Jun 1840Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4795 Adam Barner 
37 HOLTER (nee BARNER), J.M.   I15618 Adam Barner 
38 RIPLEY (nee BARNER), K.D.   I2399 Adam Barner 
39 BARNER, Kenneth Lee  14 Jun 1955Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I14308 Adam Barner 
40 BARNER, Kenneth Lloyd  9 Jan 1947Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2430 Adam Barner 
41 BARNER, K.H.   I8281 Adam Barner 
42 STROUSE (nee BARNER), K.J.   I8537 Adam Barner 
43 BARNER, Lawrence Franklin  6 Jun 1883Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4337 Adam Barner 
44 BARNER, Lewis Dale Sr.  24 May 1932Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15334 Adam Barner 
45 LUSK (nee BARNER), L.L.   I15452 Adam Barner 
46 BARNER, Mark Lynn  21 Apr 1960Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I14292 Adam Barner 
47 WATSON (nee BARNER), M.L.   I2371 Adam Barner 
48 RAAB (nee BARNER), M.L.   I15236 Adam Barner 
49 KINLEY (nee BARNER), Miriam Gertrude  22 May 1928Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15534 Adam Barner 
50 BARNER, Park Edward Miller Jr.  12 Nov 1945Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5579 Adam Barner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 MILLER (nee ?), Lula Anna  16 Jun 1979Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I8546 Adam Barner 
2 AIKEY, Anna Belle  9 Jun 1928Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I6504 Adam Barner 
3 ALLISON, Robert Franklin  4 Nov 1968Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I17426 Adam Barner 
4 HEVNER (nee ANDERSON), Genevieve  2 Jun 1982Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I159837 Adam Barner 
5 ANDREWS, Allen Thomas  10 Jul 1941Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5293 Adam Barner 
6 GLOSSNER (nee BARGER), Charlotte Mildred  14 Mar 1990Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5936 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, Alan Bruce  11 Jan 1985Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15324 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, Albert  11 Aug 1909Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I18451 Adam Barner 
9 BERENS (nee BARNER), Alma Dorene  10 Jan 2015Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5539 Adam Barner 
10 Berry (nee BARNER), Anna Minerva  19 Mar 1920Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I14862 Adam Barner 
11 BRUNGART (nee BARNER), Barbara Frances  17 Jan 2005Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4351 Adam Barner 
12 DAY (nee BARNER), Beverly Jane  4 Dec 2008Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15318 Adam Barner 
13 BARNER, Boyd Christian  17 Aug 1964Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4908 Adam Barner 
14 BARNER, Charles Lloyd  29 Apr 1972Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4404 Adam Barner 
15 GLOSSNER (nee BARNER), Cora  5 Nov 1951Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5981 Adam Barner 
16 BRUNGARD (nee BARNER), Cordelia "Cordie" Elizabeth  6 Apr 1932Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15189 Adam Barner 
17 BARNER, David Glenn  17 Mar 1967Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2348 Adam Barner 
18 BARNER, Donald Floyd  12 Jan 1932Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5113 Adam Barner 
19 BARNER, Donald Alvin  7 Sep 2002Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5562 Adam Barner 
20 BARNER, Dwight Maurice  25 Mar 1948Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I8186 Adam Barner 
21 KINLEY (nee BARNER), Edith Gertrude  21 May 2008Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15587 Adam Barner 
22 KLECKNER (nee BARNER), Elizabeth Helen  15 Apr 1939Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15977 Adam Barner 
23 CAMPBELL (nee BARNER), Estella Katurah  19 Apr 1986Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5321 Adam Barner 
24 BARNER, Forrest William  22 Jun 2008Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4848 Adam Barner 
25 BARNER, Frank William  3 Aug 1971Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5569 Adam Barner 
26 BARNER, George H.  17 Aug 1897Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4269 Adam Barner 
27 BARNER, George Henry  29 Nov 1899Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2226 Adam Barner 
28 BARNER, George Henry  22 Apr 1958Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15646 Adam Barner 
29 BARNER, Grover Clyde  9 Aug 2011Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15474 Adam Barner 
30 BARNER, Irvin Oren "I.O."  2 Jan 1954Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5571 Adam Barner 
31 HAAGEN (nee BARNER), Julianna  29 Dec 2005Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15509 Adam Barner 
32 BARNER, Leroy Sherman "Pete"  27 Mar 2003Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5072 Adam Barner 
33 BARNER, Lewis Dale Sr.  10 Aug 1996Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15334 Adam Barner 
34 MILLER (nee BARNER), Lillian Irene  3 Sep 1992Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I6309 Adam Barner 
35 BARNER, Lyman Charles  10 May 1953Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I6070 Adam Barner 
36 BARNER, Mahlon Henry  18 Jun 1988Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5170 Adam Barner 
37 MATTER (nee BARNER), Margaret "Maggie" Estella  30 Oct 1931Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I14801 Adam Barner 
38 LITZ (nee BARNER), Margaret Malinda "Peggy"  15 Jun 2008Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5068 Adam Barner 
39 BERRY (nee BARNER), Margaret Myrtle  20 Dec 1982Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2505 Adam Barner 
40 BARNES (nee BARNER), Mary Irene  26 May 1888Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15659 Adam Barner 
41 MYERS (nee BARNER), Maude Mae  26 Nov 1959Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I18941 Adam Barner 
42 KINLEY (nee BARNER), Miriam Gertrude  14 Apr 1989Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15534 Adam Barner 
43 DUNLAP (nee BARNER), Patricia Ann  3 Jun 2015Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15242 Adam Barner 
44 WALKER (nee BARNER), Pearl Anna  1 May 1989Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I2443 Adam Barner 
45 BARNER, Richard Charles  27 Dec 2000Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I4799 Adam Barner 
46 BARNER, Ronald Eugene  1 Nov 2018Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I5159 Adam Barner 
47 MILLER (nee BARNER), Ruby Romaine  1 Mar 1941Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15589 Adam Barner 
48 BARNER, Russell Albert  2 Nov 1949Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15191 Adam Barner 
49 BARNER, Russell Roy  12 Jun 2001Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I14337 Adam Barner 
50 YOST (nee BARNER), Ruth May  2 Mar 2000Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I15265 Adam Barner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCCLOSKEY (nee HEVNER), Dorothy Lois  Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I159882 Adam Barner 
2 SHADY (nee HEVNER), Frances Eleanor  Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I159915 Adam Barner 
3 SHADY, Vaughn James  Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA I159932 Adam Barner 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 / BIERLY   F2648 Adam Barner 
2 ANDREWS / SMELTZER  25 Dec 1941Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2151 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER / BOWER  1 Jan 1894Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F1039 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER / CANADY  5 Jan 1890Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2405 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER / DRESS  26 Feb 1903Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F1964 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER / EMBICK  28 Feb 1892Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F1021 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER / ENGLE  Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F6005 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER / FAUROT   F964 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER / NONEMAKER   F965 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER / WAITE   F2082 Adam Barner 
11 BINGAMAN / GLOSSNER  12 Jun 1920Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2446 Adam Barner 
12 CONFER / BYRNE  15 Jun 1944Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2909 Adam Barner 
13 FRY / WITT   F6181 Adam Barner 
14 GEYER / MARK   F1735 Adam Barner 
15 GLANTZ / CASHNER  20 Aug 1927Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F6084 Adam Barner 
16 GLOSSNER / BARGER  23 Feb 1937Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2429 Adam Barner 
17 GLOSSNER / BARNER  28 May 1895Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2449 Adam Barner 
18 GLOSSNER / KRAMER   F2421 Adam Barner 
19 GLOSSNER / MCGHEE  11 Oct 1952Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2572 Adam Barner 
20 GRAY / GLOSSNER   F2415 Adam Barner 
21 GRAY / REISH   F2413 Adam Barner 
22 HAAGEN / WALTZ  12 Jan 1946Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2509 Adam Barner 
23 HASLETT / WREN  23 Oct 1895Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2931 Adam Barner 
24 HERMAN / BARTLEY   F6364 Adam Barner 
25 HERMAN / ROTHROCK   F6360 Adam Barner 
26 JAMESON / CASHNER  28 Nov 1921Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F6094 Adam Barner 
27 KERSTETTER / CARIS  21 Oct 1891Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3365 Adam Barner 
28 KINLEY / HOCKMAN   F6314 Adam Barner 
29 KOCH / DEVLIEGER   F7249 Adam Barner 
30 KORMAN / WALKER  29 Sep 1928Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2664 Adam Barner 
31 MCCALEB / GLOSSNER  24 Dec 1938Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F1420 Adam Barner 
32 MCCULLOUGH / GLOSSNER  29 Sep 1919Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2447 Adam Barner 
33 MILLER / NICHOLAS  Apr 1904Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3433 Adam Barner 
34 MYERS / HENNESSEY  30 Jul 1945Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F7698 Adam Barner 
35 PAVLIK / FORD  29 Sep 2002Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3238 Adam Barner 
36 PETERS / KALMBACH  1953Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3102 Adam Barner 
37 POORMAN / BARNER   F2076 Adam Barner 
38 QUENGA / HERMAN   F6362 Adam Barner 
39 QUIGGLE / EARON   F3514 Adam Barner 
40 STIENING / POWELL  29 Jun 1974Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2687 Adam Barner 
41 STROUSE / BARNER   F2252 Adam Barner 
42 THOMPSON / BARNER   F2250 Adam Barner 
43 WEAVER / KERSTETTER  31 May 1888Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3319 Adam Barner 
44 WEIDLER / LEHMER  3 Feb 1981Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3260 Adam Barner 
45 WEIGHT / BRUNGARD  8 Mar 1892Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F864 Adam Barner 
46 WELSHANS / KARSTETTER  25 Nov 1916Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3271 Adam Barner 
47 WHITE / LUPOLD  2 Sep 1949Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F3617 Adam Barner 
48 YARRISON / WEAVER  10 Aug 1940Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2200 Adam Barner 


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID   Tree 
1 BINGAMAN / GLOSSNER  4 Aug 1923Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA F2446 Adam Barner 
2 GLOSSNER / KRAMER   F2421 Adam Barner 

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