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Loganton, Clinton Co, PA


Tree: Adam Barner

Latitude: 41.0342, Longitude: -77.3066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNER, Daniel  1 Sep 1809Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4142 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Ella S.  18 May 1878Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14813 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, Ellen L.  9 Aug 1840Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3605 Adam Barner 
4 BARNER, George Howard  16 Dec 1874Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14841 Adam Barner 
5 BARNER, George Wagner  Nov 1909Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I19998 Adam Barner 
6 BARNER, Grace V.  1 May 1872Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14844 Adam Barner 
7 BARNER, Harry Boyd  9 Dec 1902Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I5286 Adam Barner 
8 BARNER, Jared Christian  13 Feb 1842Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I2628 Adam Barner 
9 BARNER, Marguerite Mary  31 Aug 1895Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14839 Adam Barner 
10 BARNER, Paul Calvin  10 Feb 1894Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I16014 Adam Barner 
11 BARNER, Russell Roy  27 Aug 1904Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14337 Adam Barner 
12 BARNER, Veronica Frances  1 Mar 1811Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4141 Adam Barner 
13 BRUNGARD, Annie Mada  31 Jan 1887Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I6509 Adam Barner 
14 BRUNGARD, Edwin Given  4 Nov 1876Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7551 Adam Barner 
15 BRUNGARD, Fayette  10 Apr 1843Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I6346 Adam Barner 
16 BRUNGARD, John William  29 Oct 1877Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7668 Adam Barner 
17 BRUNGARD, Minerva May  11 Dec 1882Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I6517 Adam Barner 
18 BRUNGARD, Tallmadge Mark  8 Oct 1874Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7569 Adam Barner 
19 CONFER, Howard Earl  2 Apr 1888Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7143 Adam Barner 
20 DOUTY, Gertrude  23 Jan 1885Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I13658 Adam Barner 
21 DOUTY, Howard Martin  23 Jan 1877Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I13740 Adam Barner 
22 DUCK, Roy Clifford  10 Apr 1930Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4124 Adam Barner 
23 FRANK, Marcellus E.  19 Aug 1902Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14009 Adam Barner 
24 GRAMLEY, Chestie Anna  18 May 1864Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I13628 Adam Barner 
25 GRENINGER, William Forrest  12 Jun 1896Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8812 Adam Barner 
26 HARBACH, William Barner  9 Jan 1924Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14773 Adam Barner 
27 HASLETT, Leotta O.  14 Apr 1899Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7177 Adam Barner 
28 HELLER, Calvin Conrad  2 Dec 1875Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8805 Adam Barner 
29 HELLER, Vianna Zeuleke  22 Apr 1860Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7012 Adam Barner 
30 HELTMAN, Kermit Eugene  4 Feb 1928Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3630 Adam Barner 
31 HERLACHER, Lowell Clinton  17 Oct 1933Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9210 Adam Barner 
32 HERLACHER, Miriam Maud  13 Jun 1891Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9218 Adam Barner 
33 HERLACHER, Raymond Barner  9 Jan 1890Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14858 Adam Barner 
34 HERLOCHER, Oscar E.  29 Nov 1857Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9288 Adam Barner 
35 HERMAN, Carrie Mae  31 Jan 1877Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I6738 Adam Barner 
36 JAMESON, Allen Christie  1 Dec 1924Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14997 Adam Barner 
37 JAMESON, Christie Andrew  4 Jul 1898Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15006 Adam Barner 
38 KARSTETTER, Clara Dorthea  6 Feb 1857Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8121 Adam Barner 
39 KARSTETTER, Clarence Richard  27 Mar 1920Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15913 Adam Barner 
40 KARSTETTER, Robert A.  24 Nov 1927Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8796 Adam Barner 
41 KARSTETTER, Ruth Wilda  21 Feb 1897Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14336 Adam Barner 
42 KLECKNER, Bernice Bright  4 Sep 1893Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15975 Adam Barner 
43 KLECKNER, Jean Elsie  17 Apr 1911Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15685 Adam Barner 
44 KLECKNER, Kenneth  29 Mar 1912Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15669 Adam Barner 
45 KLECKNER, Lois Dawn (twin)  22 Jul 1925Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15697 Adam Barner 
46 KLECKNER, Margaret Jeanette  21 Feb 1907Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15706 Adam Barner 
47 KLECKNER, Sarah Jane  10 Apr 1913Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15668 Adam Barner 
48 KLOBE, Dorothy M.  20 Jun 1920Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I16857 Adam Barner 
49 KLOBE, Kenneth Landis  16 Nov 1913Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I16086 Adam Barner 
50 KNARR, Alice Loraine  18 Oct 1909Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3927 Adam Barner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNER, Clara Helen  1 Jun 1889Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15651 Adam Barner 
2 BARNER, Henry H.  23 Feb 1881Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14863 Adam Barner 
3 BARNER, Herman  20 Nov 1878Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3799 Adam Barner 
4 BIERLY, Christine Jane  10 Oct 2020Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14898 Adam Barner 
5 BIERLY, Edward Earl  29 Jan 1959Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14923 Adam Barner 
6 BRUNGARD, Martin  3 Mar 1859Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7360 Adam Barner 
7 BRUNGARD, Teresa Eva  17 Nov 1957Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14784 Adam Barner 
8 BRUNGART, Gloria Gay  5 Mar 2016Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4349 Adam Barner 
9 CASHNER, Kathryn "Katy" Ann  28 Jan 1929Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4133 Adam Barner 
10 CONFER, William Lewis  28 Oct 1944Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7144 Adam Barner 
11 DUCK, Farrell Henry  10 Dec 1945Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4125 Adam Barner 
12 DUCK, Mary Lilly  15 Oct 1954Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3941 Adam Barner 
13 EMBICK, Earl A.  11 Dec 2014Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15020 Adam Barner 
14 GARNER, Eli F.  22 Aug 1911Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I7672 Adam Barner 
15 GRENINGER, Irvin G.  4 Jul 1949Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8808 Adam Barner 
16 GRENINGER, Jesse  11 Jan 1920Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8857 Adam Barner 
17 HEGGENSTALLER, Darin G. Sr.  19 Dec 2000Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14201 Adam Barner 
18 HERLACHER, Arthur William  13 Jun 1926Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9220 Adam Barner 
19 HERLACHER, Ida Virginia  17 Nov 1925Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9196 Adam Barner 
20 HERLOCHER, Oscar E.  13 Aug 1936Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I9288 Adam Barner 
21 HERMAN, Carrie Mae  13 Apr 1956Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I6738 Adam Barner 
22 HUBER, Ella Minerva  15 Mar 1938Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8853 Adam Barner 
23 KARSTETTER, Diana  1904Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8858 Adam Barner 
24 KARSTETTER, John O.  1 Jun 1940Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8126 Adam Barner 
25 KARSTETTER, Marlene E.  17 Apr 2018Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8794 Adam Barner 
26 KEEN, Pearl Anna  19 Feb 1994Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8221 Adam Barner 
27 KERSTETTER, Emma Mallissa  3 Feb 1950Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8158 Adam Barner 
28 KLECKNER, Kenneth  1 Apr 1912Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15669 Adam Barner 
29 KNARR, Amelia Myra  20 May 1906Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4010 Adam Barner 
30 KNARR, Mabel Blanche  24 Sep 2002Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3938 Adam Barner 
31 KNARR, Thomas Solomon  19 Dec 1958Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3942 Adam Barner 
32 LAMEY, Allen E.  21 Jul 1997Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I5877 Adam Barner 
33 LAMEY, Forrest Franklin Sr.  9 Dec 1961Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14260 Adam Barner 
34 LAMEY, George Forbes  22 Mar 2000Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15744 Adam Barner 
35 MATTER, Doris (twin)  13 Jan 1913Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14795 Adam Barner 
36 MATTER, Grace Margaret  4 Apr 1945Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14797 Adam Barner 
37 MATTER, Stearl I. (twin)  13 Jan 1913Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14794 Adam Barner 
38 MCCALEB, Dorothy Mauline  14 Jun 1949Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3503 Adam Barner 
39 MCCALEB, Edith Carol  18 Oct 2013Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3489 Adam Barner 
40 MILLER, Mary Catherine  7 Mar 1961Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I3694 Adam Barner 
41 MILLER, William Henry  27 Feb 1962Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15134 Adam Barner 
42 MONK, Charles Irvin Sr.  5 Aug 2014Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I5502 Adam Barner 
43 MOORE, Susan  27 Oct 1914Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14950 Adam Barner 
44 ROYER, Elizabeth Mary "Libby"  13 Mar 1918Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8125 Adam Barner 
45 SCHRACK, Rebecca Ruth  25 Apr 1960Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I8420 Adam Barner 
46 SCHROYER, Henry Zedon  1866Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14130 Adam Barner 
47 SCHROYER, Newton E.  1868Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14129 Adam Barner 
48 SEYLER, George F.  24 Jan 2021Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I14965 Adam Barner 
49 SEYLER, John William  15 Jul 2004Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I4098 Adam Barner 
50 SHAFFER, Glenn Donald  16 Jun 1925Loganton, Clinton Co, PA I15829 Adam Barner 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARNER / SHAFFER   F2283 Adam Barner 
2 BOONE / SNYDER   F3354 Adam Barner 
3 BOWER / KNARR  16 Feb 1904Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F1546 Adam Barner 
4 CONFER / WREN  16 Mar 1898Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F2914 Adam Barner 
5 GRENINGER / HUBER  4 Jan 1887Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F3607 Adam Barner 
6 HARBACH / KERSTETTER  29 Aug 1946Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F5999 Adam Barner 
7 HOFFER / LAMEY  14 Jun 1946Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F6430 Adam Barner 
8 KERSTETTER / LAMBERSON   F6405 Adam Barner 
9 KINLEY / WETZEL  21 Jul 2001Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F6340 Adam Barner 
10 KNARR / DUCK  3 May 1901Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F1564 Adam Barner 
11 LAMEY / MILLER   F6404 Adam Barner 
12 LAMEY / WELSHANS   F6400 Adam Barner 
13 LUCAS / SEYLER  20 Dec 1975Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F6078 Adam Barner 
14 MILLER / STAMM  15 Sep 1956Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F3448 Adam Barner 
15 NICHOLAS / FRANTZ  3 Jul 1908Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F3424 Adam Barner 
16 SNOOK / GANSELL  4 Nov 1978Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F6109 Adam Barner 
17 STOVER / BARTGES  20 Jun 1967Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F3601 Adam Barner 
18 TRESSLER / LAMEY   F6401 Adam Barner 
19 WALKER / BARNER  4 Oct 2014Loganton, Clinton Co, PA F3371 Adam Barner 
20 WILLIAMS / LAMEY   F6412 Adam Barner