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Salona, Clinton Co, PA



Latitude: 41.0844000, Longitude: -77.4513000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Glenn Robert  5 May 1918Salona, Clinton Co, PA I5319
2 AUMILLER, Cora  6 Jul 1873Salona, Clinton Co, PA I6709
3 BARNER, Alan Bruce  2 Jul 1936Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15324
4 BARNER, Clair Alfred (twin) Sr.  15 Mar 1903Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2441
5 BARNER, Clifford Harold  25 Apr 1921Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15454
6 BARNER, Floyd Inman  1 Jan 1915Salona, Clinton Co, PA I8295
7 BARNER, George Nathaniel Jacob Sr.  21 Jul 1876Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2281
8 BARNER, Gerald Elmer  10 Oct 1942Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15477
9 BARNER, Harold Clemeth (twin)  16 Mar 1903Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2347
10 BARNER, Harold Junior  1928Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2404
11 BARNER, Henry Arthur  31 Aug 1874Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2343
12 BARNER, Ira Nelson  30 Mar 1917Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2579
13 BARNER, Leone nmi  14 Jun 1906Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2341
14 BARNER, Lester Carl  13 Sep 1901Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2275
15 BARNER, Margaret Myrtle  3 Dec 1895Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2505
16 BARNER, Nathaniel Jacob  17 Aug 1858Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2041
17 BARNER, Nelson Ira  21 Aug 1892Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2581
18 BARNER, Raymond McClellan  16 Jun 1919Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15465
19 BARNER, Ronald Earl  8 Jul 1940Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15614
20 BARNER, Walter Russell  12 Jun 1899Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2279
21 BERRY, Barbara Anna  18 Oct 1936Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2444
22 BERRY, Kenneth William  7 Jun 1934Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2452
23 BERRY, Raymond Earl Jr.  17 Mar 1926Salona, Clinton Co, PA I3944
24 BERRY, Ruth Elizabeth  25 Apr 1931Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2473
25 BRUMGART, Susan E.  12 Aug 1914Salona, Clinton Co, PA I3500
26 BRUNGARD, George William  27 Apr 1919Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15187
27 BRUNGARD, Mary Martha  5 Jun 1863Salona, Clinton Co, PA I6598
28 BRUNGARD, Odessa "Dessie" Viola  17 Jun 1878Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2280
29 BRUNGART, Daniel "Oscar"  22 Mar 1872Salona, Clinton Co, PA I6095
30 FEIDLER, C.B.   I15341
31 FURST, John Austin  27 Dec 1905Salona, Clinton Co, PA I1939
32 GRIEB, Karl Edwin  25 Jun 1936Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2450
33 HECKMAN, Adelaide Grace  30 Jan 1906Salona, Clinton Co, PA I8208
34 KRAMER, Darla Kay  20 Nov 1938Salona, Clinton Co, PA I5922
35 LUCAS, George Kenneth  12/3/1919Salona, Clinton Co, PA I5054
36 MCCLINTICK, Arlington Reish  28 Apr 1895Salona, Clinton Co, PA I7566
37 MCCLINTICK, Charles M.  19 Jun 1925Salona, Clinton Co, PA I7565
38 MYERS, William H.  20 Jun 1875Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2778
39 POWERS, Clarence William  6 Nov 1896Salona, Clinton Co, PA I3921
40 REISH, Eleanor Elizabeth  24 Sep 1913Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15654
41 SCHRACK, Betty J.  13 Nov 1927Salona, Clinton Co, PA I3961
42 SHEARER, Sarah Ellen "Sadie"  20 May 1858Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2040
43 TATE, M.J.   I1955
44 WALIZER, Arlington (Buck)  22 Jun 1929Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15349
45 WALIZER, Charles  25 Sep 1941Salona, Clinton Co, PA I6630
46 WALIZER, Raymond Randolph Jr.  18 Feb 1928Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15365
47 WALKER, Harvey McCracken  12 Feb 1897Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2442


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNER, Christian Samuel  13 Mar 1942Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2583
2 BARNER, Clara Elizabeth 'Bess'  20 Apr 1944Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15657
3 BARNER, Gerald Elmer  10 Oct 1942Salona, Clinton Co, PA I15477
4 BARNER, Rebecca  6 Dec 1925Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2219
5 BERRY, Barbara Anna  9 Aug 1937Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2444
6 BRUNGARD, Henry James  8 Jan 1932Salona, Clinton Co, PA I2218


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNER / BARNER  16 Oct 1916Salona, Clinton Co, PA F6295
2 BRUNGARD / BOWER  3 Dec 1903Salona, Clinton Co, PA F820
3 GRIEB / BERRY   F971
4 KNECHT / WAGNER  30 Aug 2014Salona, Clinton Co, PA F2107
5 MARK / BIERLY   F6061
6 MYERS / COOK  25 Dec 1866Salona, Clinton Co, PA F1122
7 SCHAEFFER /   13 Jan 1853Salona, Clinton Co, PA F7126
8 SCHAEFFER / BARNER  13 Jan 1853Salona, Clinton Co, PA F7125