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Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNER, Barbara Frances  30 Oct 1917Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4351
2 BARNER, Beatrice Frank  Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4402
3 BARNER, Charles Lloyd  26 Jul 1896Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4404
4 BARNER, Florence Margaret  27 Mar 1895Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4308
5 BARNER, Mary Regina  4 Apr 1898Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4367
6 BARNER, Robert Samuel  26 Jun 1930Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I2401
7 BARNER, Ruth Wilhelmina  4 Dec 1892Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4333
8 BARNER, Sherman Andrew  21 Apr 1900Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4365
9 BARNER, Wilhelmina Edith  25 Jul 1902Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4363
10 BIERLY, Barbara Anna  30 Aug 1877Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4405
11 BIERLY, Charles Harry  28 Mar 1872Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I6487
12 BIERLY, Marian E.  8 May 1898Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3726
13 BIERLY, Roland I.  9 Nov 1889Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3786
14 BIERLY, Willis Samuel  13 Jan 1888Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3792
15 BOONE, Howard Henry "Pete"  18 May 1936Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8292
16 BRESSLER, Alva Orpha  30 Mar 1896Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3638
17 BRESSLER, Cordie Ida May  16 Oct 1863Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3795
18 BRESSLER, Eva Catherine  6 Sep 1869Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3683
19 BRUNGART, Gloria Gay  26 Jan 1941Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4349
20 BRUNGART, W.C.   I14187
21 FRANTZ, Mae Ardelia  Aug 1879Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8343
22 GLANTZ, Annie  9 Sep 1824Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I9117
23 GRENINGER, Clayton Joel  13 Jan 1875Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8814
24 GRENINGER, Rebecca H.  Abt 1852Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8585
25 GRENNINGER, Zelda Tabitha  12 Dec 1895Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3590
26 GRIEB, George Gross  18 Nov 1881Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3693
27 GRIEB, Richard E.  23 Apr 1913Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3692
28 HERLOCHER, Fred Adam  2 May 1895Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I9222
29 HERLOCHER, Harvey Quigg  5 Mar 1891Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I9277
30 KARSTETTER, Ada Minerva  6 Dec 1866Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8138
31 KERSTETTER, Daniel Boyd Sr.  11 Oct 1928Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8991
32 KERSTETTER, Emma Mary  30 Jul 1925Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8205
33 KERSTETTER, George J.  7 Dec 1930Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8167
34 KERSTETTER, George Willard Sr.  25 Aug 1902Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8209
35 KERSTETTER, George Winfield  17 Oct 1876Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8800
36 KERSTETTER, Jean Kay  22 Nov 1937Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8160
37 KERSTETTER, Lulu May  21 Apr 1892Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8263
38 KERSTETTER, Ruth Matilda  6 Sep 1893Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8262
39 KLINEFELTER, Alvin John  10 Mar 1901Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8259
40 MCCALEB, Catherine Vivian  8 Feb 1936Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3499
41 MCCALEB, Earl Richard  28 Sep 1913Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3501
42 MCCALEB, Edith Carol  22 Feb 1938Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3489
43 MCCALEB, Mahlon Orion  5 Aug 1918Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3582
44 MCCALEB, Sheldon Perry  9 Sep 1916Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3589
45 MILLER, Adelia G.  9 May 1936Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4400
46 MILLER, Aron Daniel  1861Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3695
47 MILLER, Boyd Blaine  7 Feb 1879Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8553
48 MILLER, C.L.   I15726
49 MILLER, Franklin B.  7 Apr 1854Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8345
50 MILLER, Freeda Ellen  11 Nov 1912Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8336

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNER, Abigail "Atty"  17 Apr 1900Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3797
2 BARNER, Earnest Frank  10 Feb 1892Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4334
3 BIERLY, Barbara Anna  25 May 1950Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I4405
4 BRESSLER, Emanuel M.  21 Mar 1924Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3796
5 BRESSLER, Harriet S. (twin)  21 Mar 1935Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3696
6 CARIS, Emma Minerva  7 Sep 1927Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8264
7 FRANTZ, Annie F.  18 Oct 1956Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8399
8 GLANTZ, Annie  13 Jan 1915Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I9117
9 GRENINGER, Anna A.  11 Sep 1882Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8815
10 GRENNINGER, Zelda Tabitha  27 Nov 1919Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3590
11 KARSTETTER, Mary Catherine "Katie"  31 Jan 1890Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8428
12 KERSTETTER, Daniel Boyd Sr.  15 Apr 2015Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8991
13 KERSTETTER, George Willard Sr.  17 May 1959Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8209
14 KERSTETTER, Rebecca E.  23 Dec 1933Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8580
15 KERSTETTER, Ruth Matilda  26 Nov 1960Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8262
16 KERSTETTER, William  18 Dec 1904Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I9118
17 KERSTETTER, William Daniel  4 Oct 1945Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8265
18 MCCALEB, Lester Joseph  15 Jan 1941Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I3591
19 MILLER, Ferdinand D.  10 Mar 1983Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8337
20 MILLER, George Kleindeinst  8 May 1916Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8579
21 MILLER, Grace A.  2 Dec 2011Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8272
22 MOYER, Jesse Cleveland  29 Apr 1962Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8261
23 NICHOLAS, Thomas Lee  5 Nov 2007Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8396
24 YODER, Catharine Jane  Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA I8928


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNER / KLOBE   F6544
2 BARNER / MILLER  16 Oct 1937Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3378
3 BOONE / BARNER   F3376
4 BREON / MCCALEB  9 Jun 1957Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F1381
5 BRUNGART / BARNER  30 Oct 1937Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F1737
7 HENDERSON / KERSTETTER  27 Dec 1949Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3338
8 KERSTETTER / GLANTZ  Abt 1843Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3719
9 MILLER / FRANK   F3395
10 MINGLE / KERSTETTER  26 Nov 1948Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3339
11 NICHOLAS / SLATERBECK  23 Jun 1927Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3423
13 STOVER / SHUEY   F3401
14 TYSON / YODER  13 Dec 1891Tylersville, Clinton Co, PA F3641